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We are almost there! Our website designer Ahsan Shumail promises the website to be ready on Friday 12.03.2011 We are currently looking for selected suppliers to cooperate with us on permanent bases. Will keep you posted who are they.

Brotherly Love Mentors is founded on the belief that all children are capable of all things. As a grassroots Philadelphia based program, Brotherly love connects male college students and high school upperclassmen with the eager minds of boys ages 9-12 to provide guidance, support, and opportunity. Through one on one big brother relationships, mentors promote academic excellence, self growth, and active lifestyles. Little brothers are introduced to opportunities and activities that otherwise are usually not provided to inner city youth such as tennis, golf, lacrosse, and more. Brotherly Love teaches our boys that you do not have to be a product of your environment, molding the boys into goal driven young men.
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